At Quban, our meat takes time.

In some cases, up to 15 hours.


Our custom built traditional, authentic, Bullockhead creek smoker allows us to get that authentic American flavour. While cooking the meat at 100 degrees on a traditional wood fired American BBQ that can hold up to 150kg of meat at a time, the process generally begins at about 1am, to allow the meat to be most tender & juicy come dinner time.


Despite our focus on meat, we also have a large range of vegetable dishes, to satisfy any vegetarian hunger.


It’s also important to note that in our quest to deliver an authentic American BBQ, we can from time to time encounter the same challenge that all BBQ shack’s had in the old days;

Once it’s gone, it’s gone…


Our smoker is on display at the front of the venue to show you there’s definitely no smoke & mirrors here at Quban! We are & always will be 100% traditional wood fired American BBQ.